We are members of the most prestigious Associations of International Moving Companies in the world.

  • OMNI - The Overseas Moving Network International

    The Overseas Moving Network International represents the elite of the international moving industry. Over 260 companies operating in 70 countries.

    This international family is dedicated to obtaining the excellence in all its activities, committing to provide the best available moving service to its customers, through the closest possible cooperation between its members. OMNI is based on the cooperation principle, by ensuring that local specialists handle all removals of OMNI at origin and destination. Companies operate with the highest possible standards and employ advanced technology to ensure the highest quality in its services.

  • FIDI - Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux

    FIDI’s mission is to foster progress in terms of quality, integrity and mutual cooperation between affiliated international moving companies. Additionally, it carries out programs of study that help promote competitiveness in the market of removals.

  • LACMA - Latin American & Caribbean International Movers Association

    LACMA is the association that includes the best 260 moving companies of the world, mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean. Due to their prestige, they generate 90% of imports and exports carried out in Latin America.

  • IAM - International Association of Movers

    The International Association of Movers is the largest world union of audit, transport, removals and shipping companies.

  • PAIMA - Pan American International Movers Association

    The Pan American International Movers Association is a group of international moving companies, representing their mutual interest in interaction with local authorities.

  • IATA - International Air Transportation Association

    IATA was founded in 1919. It represents the aviation industry and simplifies travel and cargo processes, by grouping approximately 280 airlines, including the most important ones. The flights of these airlines account for more than 95% of international air traffic, both passenger flights and general cargo.